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Dishonourable Fraudulent Murdoch’s Times

By   3 years ago

On its front page The Times headline was “Disgraced MMR fraud doctor back in UK”. Dr Andrew Wakefield published a scientific research paper in 1998 in the Lancet Medical Journal in which he stated that the MMR vaccine may cause autism.  The simple fact is that hundreds of thousands of children around the world have got […]

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Our hunt for Hidden Not For Profit Cancer Cure is on

By   4 years ago

By Brian Hall All my lifetime there has been that nagging feeling that a better cheaper treatment to all or most killer cancers must have been found by now. Somehow we accept the NHS makes substantial payments that can be around £40k for one round of conventional antiquated chemotherapy treatment for this killer disease. In […]

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Britain on the precipice of indebted servitude?

By   5 years ago

Britain is perched on the edge of an economic precipice that few people are prepared to acknowledge. By David Hetherington. The relentless government lying machine would have it that Britain is slowly turning the corner from the financial crisis of 2008.  The BBC, of course, and the rest of the mainstream media peddle the same […]

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