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About Us

Editors Mission Statement

brianThrough my entire adult life I have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of true investigative reporting through the usual popular established media channels, particularly on the subject of Europe and Britain’s role in that.

Back in 1975 when I voted no in a referendum on Britain’s continuing membership of the Common Market it was a time when my instinctive distrust of our politicians started to surface. Since then the distrust and the determination to fight off what has turned out in my view the European menace has grown along with what is now called the European Union.

This European Union as predicted has become the United States of Europe “USE”, an oppressive monster that the British people do not need and have shown they do not want (far in excess of 50% of voters would vote to get out of Europe, given the chance). Yet we are led deeper and deeper into it by the likes of our present Prime Minister David Cameron and all his predecessors Brown, Blair, Major, Thatcher and Heath.

The aims of this paper are to give knowledge to arm people with the full facts on Europe so that a genuine and considered decision can be made at the correct moment.

To my mind it comes down to two fundamentals, the fact that Britain does not need to be part of this monster Europe and that it is absolutely possible to remove Britain from it.

Yes we can come out from the grip of this nation building exercise; it just needs the people who own this country, which is you and I to make that decision. But first you must have that opportunity to make that decision, an opportunity that will not be given. That opportunity has to be demanded and this is where the people of Britain must stand and be counted. To do this takes power and knowledge is power, something we aim to provide as best we can in THE CAPITAL NEWS

We strive to lay out as clearly as possible just why Britain does not need to be part of the U.S.E. and how it can get out. The why the when and the how this can be achieved. We will spell out the lies and deception by the creeping insidious oppressive regime being brought upon us.

The occasion for people to act in this so-called democracy of ours is at election time and this is due in May of this year 2010. Armed with knowledge will give the power to remove those that for their own ends have systematically destroyed our society and replace them with those that believe in Britain.

Then comes the question of who exactly are those that believe in Britain.  We have so recently witnessed the common level of corruption practiced by our present politicians.  This corruption is in fact institutionalised over in Europe and is so common that is forced upon the participants of the parliament.  This is also where we will attempt to explain the truth behind our career politicians and party politics in the run up to the May elections.

Most sincerely Brian J Hall (Editor)

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