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Meter Madness

By   /   June 10, 2014  /   No Comments

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A new scourge set to bring sickness and physical development damage to us and more particularly to our children is the spread of the “Smart Meter” inside our homes.  Smart meters are instruments designed to give a constant reading of the gas and electricity usage from inside our homes. These meters continuously monitor the power usage of each individual consumer 24 hours a day and broadcast this information on a live basis.


A very useful development, another time saving gadget until it is realised that these smart meters broadcast using the same technology as mobile phones and tablet computers giving of strong microwave radiation. They broadcast a signal strong enough to be picked up outside the house or block of flats, constantly.  We are already bombarding ourselves with high levels of radiation but these meters will really be bringing it home.


Research has shown that microwave radiation causes irreparable physical damage in particular to the developing young body, children of 16 years and under.  The problem being, even though you may decide there will be no room in your house for this kind of technology, your next-door neighbour could have one instead.  This would be just as dangerous to you and your family as the strong signal from these instruments know no boundaries.


Perhaps a request to your nearest neighbours not to have this kind of technology installed in a home near you and explain why.

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