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Our hunt for Hidden Not For Profit Cancer Cure is on

By   /   April 26, 2015  /   Comments Off on Our hunt for Hidden Not For Profit Cancer Cure is on

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By Brian Hall

All my lifetime there has been that nagging feeling that a better cheaper treatment to all or most killer cancers must have been found by now.
Somehow we accept the NHS makes substantial payments that can be around £40k for one round of conventional antiquated chemotherapy treatment for this killer disease. In the UK standard treatments remain as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, all of which can also kill and often do damage too.   The basis of chemotherapy treatment is over 60 years old and relates to world war 2 and mustard gas trials and does immense damage in use.Radiation treatment likewise for obvious reasons also does irreparable damage.

UnknownDespite many trillions of pounds being donated over the years to Cancer Research nothing appears to have changed and still around 170 people per 1000 die each year from various cancers in the UK alone.

The Capital News is certain that large drug companies are hiding alternative and successful treatments but as these would not provide substantial profits they are deliberately hidden away from us.

The Capital News wishes to provide a platform for those who have worked on or are currently working on alternative cancer treatments to tell us all anonymously if necessary about these.

We are aware of one, the human immune system enzyme treatment GcMaf, where and what are the other non evasive treatments for cancer of which we know there are many but what are they?images

The Capital News is appealing to all with that knowledge to write in to the editor with their unheard of genuine alternative cancer cures either you or your loved ones have experienced, we will respect and understand any anonymous information.  Please get in touch with us here and share your story of how and with what, we can together beat off the curse of cancer without the use of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  We must begin to share what we know about this killer to create a free thinking organisation to help us treat our own body without coincidentally doing more damage.

Contact The Capital News by emailing us at mail@thecapitalnews.co.uk

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