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Time to come clean

By   /   September 15, 2014  /   Comments Off on Time to come clean

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Only half of our Members of Parliament trust each other.

When a glaring admission of this nature sees the light of day does anyone ever realise the implications of the revelation, our own Mp’s do not trust each other.

A recent Ipsos Mori poll has revealed that half of our House Of commons mistrusts the other half.  Only 49% of MP’s thought that they could trust the word of another MP.  When we are talking about our law makers this surly is a glaring misnomer,  These are the very people that we have entrusted to set out the laws that we all are supposed to abide by, and they don’t trust each other.

This also comes when an above inflation pay increase for our MP’s is proposed.  Add to that the expenses scandal of 2009 when so many of the commons were found with their fingers in the till, we have to question the caliber of individual are we voting for.

Also under the MP’s mistrust spotlight are ministers and civil servants, gradually going up in the pecking order are police 59% teachers 63% doctors 76% scientists 82% judges 83% surprisingly, and where clergymen and priests fare a little better.  Not so surprisingly, journalists came in at 11% estate agents at 12% and bankers at 18%.  That covers how our members of parliament feel about each other and towards the other professions they have contact with.  However this is politicians opinions and does not cover how the general public feel about them as MP’s or how they figure among those of these other professions listed.

Although apparently MP’s are aware of public distrust in them, it is not reckoned they have yet grasped the impact this may have in next years general election.  Politicians are at the very bottom of the league when it comes to public trust at less than18%.  There is also a cupboard full of sex scandals of varying nature looming in the background that look like being swept under the carpet.  This is a failure that can do nothing to raise the public view of the establishment as the level of public awareness tends to keep us peeking under that carpet on a regular basis.  This deepening distrust could spell disaster for this current government and may well completely change the accepted political landscape for many years to come.  It is predicted that the UK government is looking at coalition administrations from here on, so low has public regard become for party politics since the early 1970’s.

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